A holiday Monday so I wandered into the garden mid morning with a fun project in mind.  Before I got to it, though I found that someone had left me a barrow of leaves and I wanted to implement a soil preparation method for carrots that we read over the weekend.  As carrots don’t like rich soil and additives the suggestion is that you spread the soil with leaves and let the worms work it up so it becomes lovely friable soil.

Gloriously there is very little space yet in the garden where we will plant carrots but I did some needed weeding (the TLC) and spread leaves around some of the small silver beet plants.  Will see what happens.  I also weeded and added straw to some of the smallest broccoli seedlings and derris dusted the cabbage (outside and rain predicted, so may not work), kale and cauliflower seedlings which are getting munched badly.

While I was in the mandala garden I realised that my comfrey tea container still had liquid in it, so I diluted it about 1:5 and fed it to the lettuces and cauliflowers in the greenhouse and the leeks in the outside garden.

Then I took the rest of the leaves for the project.  I have made a mini heater in the top greenhouse – which already gets the best winter sun.  The heater is based on the heating methods we saw at the Lost gardens of Heligan – basically a small hot bed/compost pile inside the greenhouse.  I am going to put some pots with Coriander seeds on this and see if I can get them to germinate.

As a final treat for a holiday Monday I observed some of my latest planting of garlic are coming up.


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