A sunny but cold Wednesday and I warmed up by finalising the tidying up of the tomato bed.  I folded and stored the weed matting that we had been airing on the trellis.  Then I weeded the bed, cut a weed matting cover from the roll and covered 3/4 of the bed with that.  The final quarter I covered with pea straw.  I am in two minds about the effectiveness of the straw and the cost of using it in this way, so it will be interesting to compare the two.  This bed will be fallow next season, but it feels too cold to plant our green manure – Estelle has suggested waiting for August.

On the other side of the trellis I used paper as well as straw.  Would like to keep the kikuyu from heading into this garden bed.

I also gathered up some of the shade clothe that has been sitting around since summer and packaged it and put it in the very messy goose shed.  Cath had sent up a big bag of papers so I was able to tie them up and store them for pathing and other uses.

Soil temperature in Mandala garden 11C.


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