Winter lurgies and freezing weather have slowed the gardening effort for a couple of weeks.  However with 10 days to go before we head off camping lots of winter jobs are getting finished off.

Raspberries – have been weeded and a heavy mulch of cardboard (thanks Rach) and mulched garden materials have been payed in the rows.  A bit more mulching to do when it becomes available.

Greenhouse:  lower greenhouse has been weeded and straw put around plants – currently kale, lettuce,silver beet and mizuna to pick.  Burnley Bounty tomatoes have been removed – a failure this year, just a few green tomatoes!

Hot Bed:  plants allremived except for one mizuna.  Think I will just put a straw cap on it and use it for zucchini next season.

Strawberries:  Plants weeded and composted and re strawed (from the kanga house). Rescued plants in pots in top greenhouse – to be used to fill spots when the weather warms a bit.  Still need to weed and cover the fallow bed.




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